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Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue based in Shelbyville, KY. Our primary focus is the rescue of special needs animals.
A majority of our adoptable animals are seniors, medical cases, and those with social or behavioral issues. We also provide hospice care to terminally ill animals who have been relinquished to shelters or given up by their owners.
Tyson’s Chance rescues all breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments. We love to heal the sick, rehabilitate the misunderstood, and provide safe haven for those in their golden years.

Home: Who We Are


Our original rescue and official mascot, Tyson was our first behavioral rehabilitation dog.  He is a stunningly beautiful, goofy dog with amazing golden eyes.  He came to us because someone saw something good in him, sparing him from the grim fate of euthanasia.  We saw past his reputation and he in turn inspired us all.  At Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation, we strive for all animals to find the same happiness with which Tyson has been blessed.

Home: What We Do
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