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Did you know you can change the life of a rescue dog in one hour per week? Come be a part of the “1 Hour 1 Dog” program at Tyson’s Chance and see what a difference you can make! Whether you want to spend time with a dog who likes to cuddle, one who enjoys a leisurely stroll, or one who is ready to join your next run, we have the perfect match for you. All it takes is one hour of volunteering each week with your one new friend to enrich their life while they wait for their forever home.
We give our dogs kennel enrichment, playtime, and lots of love, but having a special friend to come and spend time with them every week helps them in a multitude of ways during their time with us. This is a great opportunity to be involved in our life-saving mission even if you are short on time or unable to foster or adopt. Our dream is that each of our dogs will have a person who comes to visit them once a week.
If you are interested in joining ‘1 Hour 1 Dog,” please send an e-mail to volunteertcaf [at] to get started!



Want to host your own fundraiser to benefit Tyson’s Chance? Whether it’s a car wash, a party, a yard sale, or your own creative idea, let us know about it so we can help you make it a success!

Please send an email providing the following information to tysonschance [at]

  • Name(s) of Host

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Description of event/fundraiser

  • Event date

  • Event time

  • Event location

  • What percentage of money/goods raised will be donated to Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation?

The Tyson’s Chance logo/name cannot be used for marketing materials or on social media without review by a Tyson’s Chance board member. Thank you so much for helping with our life saving mission!

Get Involved: Get Involved
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