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Over the years, TCAF has grown to be more than we could have ever expected. We have saved those animals who spent life on a chain, had been shot on purpose, nearly starved to death, were thrown from a car, or experienced severe medical trauma or illness; the ones who have been discarded or abused for being sick or old or just being a dog. At TC they learn what it is to be safe and loved and live without fear.

We not only rescue, rehabilitate, and provide exceptional care for companion animals in need prior to finding them safe and loving homes, but also offer low cost spay/neuter programs and educate the public by providing access to services that will encourage responsible pet ownership.

A growing percentage of our animals are hospice cases who have been surrendered or abandoned in public shelters. While senior and hospice animals have always been a part of our program, the number of cases that are coming in has been increasing. Their time with TC may not be long but they cross the Rainbow Bridge knowing they are completely loved.

Currently a majority of our adoptable animals are seniors, medical cases, and those with social or behavioral issues. We love to heal the sick, rehabilitate the misunderstood, and provide safe haven for those in their golden years.

Tyson's Chance Animal Foundation rescues all sizes, breeds, ages and temperaments.

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